I’m sure it might seem strange to some of my friends to want to start a blog. That is the beauty of it though, to make you want to do something in spite of what others might think. A blog gives you the freedom to write about anything you’d like. The whole premise in my eyes is to write about what’s on my mind. You don’t have to read this as I’m almost certain there’s a million other crazy and self-deluded people that think their mind is a vast array of wisdom and gods gift to the world.

I guess it’s time to indulge into what I made this blog for. I am 24 years old and going into my senior year at my university. Although I would like to say I am fully prepared, there are still so many things to deal with in order to feel truly confident. Have you ever had that moment where you think you have it all figured out and life just find a way to fuck you over? It’s almost as if life is just someone who sits around waiting for you to have a good time and then strikes. He’s having a good time…..and now it’s gone! Being young I figured I could do it all. It really is a live and learn process growing up. Just when you think you have all the right answers, life changes the questions. I created all this as a way to deal with the every day stresses of life and whatever may come. It’s good to write out your thoughts from time to time, and I hope everyone reading this can relate to me.

I have provided a quick article on the subject as well below.


I have a million or so stories to tell so if you are interested keep an eye out for me and I will continue to share tidbits in my somewhat interesting life. Just your average Joe really, but I’d like to think I have a few things to write about.






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