Coffee is life, and life is good

I recently had a cup of coffee the other day. The type of coffee that made you feel nostalgic. It was like you could breathe slowly once again and gather all the thoughts you’ve accumulated. You know what I’m talking about. I sat there with nowhere to go, no one to see and not one thing planned. The day worked out well, I made plans eventually, had fun and never thought twice about it. You’re exactly where you need to be at every point in your life. Why else would you be there? My life has been an interesting mess lately and just for that one cup I would live it all over again. It’s not to say these experiences don’t change you, by all means I welcome change. Maybe sometimes life demands you to take a day off and just drift off into your childhood memories.

This particular day reminded me of a song I once heard. The lyrics were gripping at the time. It was sung by John Mayer, 83 was the name I believe. You hear a song, you put yourself in the words and it really hits home now that’s what an artist should be aiming for. The lyrics went something like..

“Oh, if only my life was more like
all these things would be more like they were at the
start of me
If my life was more like
I’d plot a course to the source of the purest little part of me ”

To those interested I added a YouTube link here:

I encourage everyone to go back and think about your childhood. Wasn’t it so simple back then? Would you pay for that day back? What would you do? Now I ask myself what the difference between that simple day and my days off and I wonder why I haven’t had more fun than I usually do. Sure some simple errands get in the way, but you sing along to the words on the car ride home and you stop by a cafe  to realize that cup of coffee is all you need.  Coffee is life and life is good. Coffee


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