Hey, we’re not all that funny!

A thought occurred in my head today. Maybe I’m not the funniest person in the room. Comedy comes from a comfortable place and sometimes I don’t have any material to work with. Always being told I’m hilarious with my shenanigans I’ve come to believe it. I look at comedic writers and am struck in awe with just how funny I find them. I’ll share an excerpt of my life and let you decide.

Me: Hey, so how do you know you’re actually smart?
Girlfriend: Well maybe sometimes it’s best not to wonder..
Me: Well, I don’t think I’m stupid…but I guess neither does a fish..for the next six seconds all he knows is that water is good.
Girlfriend:Oh so I guess you’re in the same boat as a fish..which isn’t something to be proud of haha
Me: Oh me and my stupid questions huh?
Girlfriend: Yup
Me: Oh Solano (Referring to myself), you crazy…
Me: You’re so dumb…
Me: You stupid… motherfucker…

At this point she just continues to stare at me while I laugh uncontrollably at my own stupidity. Honestly my friends wonder at some point I was dropped on my head but no one bothered to pick me up. It’s like they dropped me and said..yeah I think that will work. I find others funny, and every now and then I have my moments. Maybe you have a funny ad lib to tell. Leave it in the comments, I’m always up for a fun story or joke.


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