I was on my way home from Long Beach a few weeks ago to my house up north. Wait…that’s not funny.

Although, I always found a problem whenever I commuted. It always has to be that one driver that switches 20 different lanes or the fact that I’m somehow going too slow in the fast lane for some. I’m driving safely and somehow I’m the problem…they flip me off as they pass me by….yeah you too buddy. Geez, where exactly are you going that you need to pass me at 100 mph and cut everyone off? I’m pretty sure they’re dying…slowly..for about 79 years. Until you see them veered off the highway in a fender bender a few miles ahead then you realize, “Well, at least no one got hurt…” small pause, “Justice served..” another small pause, “Fuck you..”

At the end of the day I just want to make it to wherever it is I’m going without any problems. I want to be able to text and drive and get away with it. I want to just merge into traffic without someone thinking I’m trying to cut them off.  I want to have one day where all my radio stations aren’t all playing commercials. You all understand, I know we’ve all been there. txtingdrving


2 thoughts on “Can’t text and drive but you can daydream.

  1. It really does seem like all other drivers are complete taints. Constant flipping of the huge wooden bird, screaming, aggressive hand signals…all for no reason. It’s like as soon as people get behind the wheel some gargantuan invisible switch is flipped and they decide “oh yes I am going to be a butt ranger now. EVERYONE ELSE NEEDS TO DIE.”


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