So I dove into politics this week. Not in conversation but in assignments for a class. I mean you don’t necessarily jump into that type of conversation when you first meet people. I’ll be at H&R Block and go, “Hey there, here to get taxed immensely because I made right decisions in life.. by the way I’m a Right-wing conservative! Oh yeah, and go fuck yourself”

We are taking the perspective of political campaigns and the ads that go with them specifically. It was an interesting topic to say the least and with plenty of material! I mean you could watch a campaign ad to a local candidate for Mayor and be like, “Hey, he’s not such a bad guys after all!” Then immediately after follow the ads for his rival and somehow end up at, “Wow, I almost voted for that guy!” So you would sit there for a minute and go, “Dammit ads! Tell me who to vote for!”  It wasn’t all bad though, but in reality some of these commercial ads were hilarious. What’s truly amazing to point out is that statistically these ads work and people fall for them. I’ve heard of open minds but these people are just blowing in the breeze! It’s been a great week though, plenty of stuff to learn and by contrast some things to laugh about. Voting


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