You spin the wheel, you hope that somehow you end up getting the little crown logo for a chance to win a figurine and show off to your friends how smart you really are. It combines wheel of fortune with jeopardy all while feeling like Alex Trebek is once again patronizing you for getting something wrong.¬† Come on Alex, like you knew that! Which MLB team had the most amount of home runs in the 1979 season? “Uh…what is…your mother!” Who wrote these questions man. Really, I want to know. I’m sure it’s just the modernized devil sitting on his computer with ways to get us riled up. You get to that point where you do get a chance to take the lead and you get stuck with an impossible question. I’m pretty sure most people have uttered one or two of these phrases while playing this game in some way or another.

“How the fuck should I know?!”Trivia Crack 2
“You know what, I’m just going to Google all this. Haha yeah…that will show @Troll1337 what’s really up”
“I bet they’re using Google!”
“What the hell, I lost to this guy?!”
“You have no idea who you’re messing with! I will bury you!”
“I bet you anything he’s getting the stupid easy questions!”
“Watch, I get something like… what did Napoleon mutter under his breath that no one has ever heard of except through an old man’s family inherited secret in Paris?”
“Bullshit, there’s got to be snakes in New Zealand!”
“Aw dammit! I meant to push the other one!”
“Damn, 6-0..”
“That was definitely made as a trick question..”
“You know what, I know this trivia game doesn’t get to tell me if I’m smart or not.”

I think what gets people is the fact that it’s a test of seemingly general intelligence. No one likes to feel stupid but the game is addicting I’ll give them that much. Sometimes you do get the most stupid questions though as seen above. I think these people have too much time on their hands. Whatever it is, this blogger enjoys winning and occasionally I do lose. To those who want to challenge me I go under @Sol631, and yes I just challenged the internet…I regret nothing.


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