Well its that time again where you pick up where you left off and realize there’s an uphill battle coming your way. Whether it’s returning to your new year new me promise or just beginning to write again such as myself it’
s always a pain. It kind of feels like you were better than this at one point and now you have to do it again. On the other hand isn’t great to reach where you were before? Those weeks of hard work are finally paying off and your back on track to where you left off beforehand. For myself it’s exercising again. I worked in corporate finance and didn’t devote the time to stay on my 3 days a week regiment. Needless to say I gained weight but in return my work load seemed more rewarding the more hours I put in.

When you win you win and when you lose you lose. It’s a bit of a catch twenty-two sometimes since either way you are benefiting or you are losing out. I’ve rarely found an in between and when I have it felt like purgatory.Maybe the rest of the world feels the same way and I’m sharing the same story everyone has experience at one point in their lives. My soul feels refreshed as I continue to exercise and lose weWritingight.  I quit my job in corporate and in return I get to spend more time closer to my family and feel t
hat life is good right now. I missed so many opportunities due to work and in the end it’s just money. What’s always been important is your family and feeling happy. Let me know if you feel the same way, I’ll do my best to get back into writing!





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