Living life one day at a time

You wake up to do the same thing over and over again. At times it’s such boata daunting task that you’re tired for no reason. You wait around until something happens. Nothing happens. You go to work, mingle with your co-workers and the day begins. You start to feel the pressure of idleness. It’s an uncomfortable feeling knowing that you should be doing something when you’re on the fast track to nothing. I’ve experienced this a few times in my life and the answer has always been to start moving. I don’t mean just go outside but to find a reason to do so. Whether it’s joining a club, finding that special person or in my best experiences…learn something new about yourself. You’re the greatest investment in any category which is the awesome thing about life. In whatever aspect you will be rewarded eventually for all the positive energy you permeate. So go out, see the world and realize it’s a happy place if you want it to be. I’ll leave with a quote i recently read, “A boat wasn’t built to stay in the harbor all its life”.


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