Unforgettable…in every way..and forever more.. that’s how you’ll stay.

She loves flowers. I can’t remember a time where she didn’t. I try to get IMAG0296 (1)her some whenever I can so that I can show her she’s really appreciated. I drift in and out and sometimes I  forget the woman who raised me gave up a lot to give me a chance to become who I am today. You ever wonder what it takes? It takes everything, energy, thoughtfulness, maybe even dreams deferred because of you.Could I be strong enough for that? I guess I’ll never truly know but I can have an active imagination.

I had a conversation with a co-worker fighting to give the best for her children on minimum wage. There was a certain sadness in her eyes…almost like she wished she could give more…and it made me think of my mother. You’ve given so much..I could never dream of asking for more and I paused for a second looking at my co-worker thinking..”I hope she knows that”. I bought my mom flowers today because of that conversation. In some ways I wanted to show her how I felt without saying it..and in another way just like those flowers..I can only hope she knows she’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.


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