To be observed and admired is just a passing secondary reaction. It took a lot of work to become that good. Enough to wear those dresses confidently I can only imagine the hours of practice that goes in. She danced so stiff in practice and stumbled desperately to catch her own balance most of the time. Argued with herself mostly to get the steps down right. She called to me, “Was it..Step heel… step step heel? Or Step step Heel step step?”. I had just begun as well so I didn’t really know how to teach it but I knew the steps well enough to at least show her, I thought. We practiced for hours on end and we were only capable of going a tenth of the speed that night.

It wasn’t until during a small practice performance did I realize how itballet-folklorico all must look to people. The girls in dresses and the men in their suits. It was amazing…to put it lightly. I can see everyone smiling not because they have to but because they were getting the steps perfectly and almost in a way that amazed even themselves. I call that part elegant. Without even trying, the whole thing just comes together to create something almost too good to be true.





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