There’s a lot to catch up on isn’t there? It took me a decade to find you again and I’m kind of glad. I thought of what I’d say to you after so many years in my head. Throughout the rest of high school and even when I got lost going into Junior College. I kept thinking, “Man…I hate goodbyes…and the one time it counted I screwed it up”. I hope you don’t or better yet….I hope you didn’t hate me afterwards. You weren’t home that day and your sister answered so I did what I could. Even when the car was running and I had no time I kept thinking I could make time.  I guess that’s the way life goes huh? I’m sorry. Now that I’m an adult I still reminisce on those simpler days in Oregon. You were my only real friend out there. I wasn’t a strong kid and not particularly good at anything except when it came to playing my viola. I remember Christian used to pick on me and want to fight me for no reason. I still don’t know why, but I always felt he was bothered that we were best friends. I remember the advice you gave me to toughen up and if we fight we fight but at least there’d be respect. I finally understand what that mean

Catch me up on the years. I’ll start. I suppose since I’m writing first. I came to California. There were no Orchestras so I was bummed out and later joined the Mariachi at the school. We had vibrant days and wore our Charro suits, it was pretty fun. I played Handball by the courts. (Do you guys have that?) I graduated, and joined a non-profit mariachi for a bit while going through junior college out here. In that time frame I became a golden gloves boxer and fought in a few tournaments. I remembered at that time what it’d be like to meet you again and show you how strong I’ve become. I kept wondering, “If he could see me now!” Maybe in some ways I used some kind of imagination of meeting you again for doing some of the things I’ve done in the past. It’s almost like I wanted to become a friend you could be proud of and make up the fact I never said goodbye. I transferred to a University in Long Beach and studied Finance. It was hard but I eventually graduated. I made a lot of good friends over th
e years, and ran organizations to become a leader for those that followed suit.

I didn’t know how you were doing this whole time. I couldn’t find you no matter how hard I tried. Do you know how hard it is to find someone with a last name Gonzalez?! As I traveled around I often thought that maybe in some crazy way I’d bump into you. I’ve gone to Spain and even Africa, the world is ginormous! I just came back from dancing in China recently. To see snake charmers and visit the masterful architectural achievements this world has to offer was such an amazing experience. I’ve ridden bikes down mountain sides while seeing the ocean waves crashing next to me in Spain. I’ve ridden camels out in the Sahara Desert and camped out beneath the stars in what I could only describe in a dream. I’ve danced for thousands of people around China for a chance to represent Mexican culture in a foreign land. To meet immortality, to see temples and sculptures that were built to last forever. All of this happened.imag1490

Every now and then in the back of my mind you were there somewhere and I’d think, “I hope he’s all right, I can’t really explain all this now…It’s too much! I can barely believe it.” I became an Accountant. That’s what I want to do with my life, and a few other things. I try to emulate one of my favorite heroes, Ernest Hemingway. You know he used to box? And play in the Orchestra? I didn’t know that but he also became one of the greatest writers of all time. Participated in World War I and 2, his life was amazing. I didn’t know any of this until I truly thought about what I wanted to be in life. I want to be someone you can be proud of Ignacio. I want to see it all and know what it’s like to have it taken all way and not regret a single thing. I know I can do it! Better yet I know we can do it. Anyone can have it. It takes a lot to have it though. I learned that the hard way. That’s what I want, a life worth living.

I hope your well. I hope that I didn’t bother you in any way. I hope we’re still friends. You’re still my friend even if it has been a decade or two. We were raised in diapers together remember? I told you we’d always be friends and I didn’t need some time away to realize that.

Even if you don’t want to respond I understand “Nacho”. I just wanted to say goodbye for the first time and maybe the last. Take care for now, and yes I said your nickname…but I always knew you never liked to be called that so forgive me just one more time for old times’ sake.


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