Slowly a zephyr blows through the streets shining with the pale moonlight. She glances up ahead. A man and his wife approach with benevolent stares. She smiles. The night was calm. It was just like any other Friday night out in the city. Cars were passing by and local shows can be heard in the distance. A piano with the song of Clair de Lune was resonating from the bar next door.

As he drives her home they begin to laugh about things that happened to them that night. He parks in the driveway. She gets out first holding her purse closely as if it could provide some warmth. She darts towards the house. He smiles and shakes his head at how silly she looks. As he looks on he sees a man standing near the doorway. The man wore broad shoulders covered by a warm winter coat and a fedora which was mostly covered by the light. He couldn’t recognize his face…and fear subdues him. Not so much that your heart could skip a beat but a goose bump of a thrill to send every hair to rise in line. As quickly as sound traveled he hears a blood-curdling scream coming from the man. It sounded like her but she was no where to be seen. He kept the lights on as he rushes to remove his seatbelt. In his panic he drops his keys. Fidgeting violently he smashes into his seatbelt as tears run down his cheeks. He is lost in both anger and confusion. He jumps out of the car. The man is in front of him now. She is gone. They begin exchanging blows one after the other. As quickly as they come the man with the fedora can still not be recognized in the flashing fury. The man in the winter coat pulls out a knife. He thrusts forward with doom that looms in front of the dagger.

He can’t stop him from coming. They get into a deadlock in arms with the unknown man holding the dagger. The mysterious figure slowly inches the dagger towards his heart with a mighty force. He resists with all the humanity he has left in him. He starts to scream in both creeping terror and courage. The dagger reaches the outer layer of his shirt. He has lost. Beads of blood creep out of his chest. Just before complete terror can reach him. He violently wakes up. His eyes were widened and jarred with the shocking realization. He glanced around the room to see if he was still dreaming. He clasped his hands together and felt both hands vividly. They were shaking.  He was scared and breathing deeply. It’s as if it could all be taken away from him so easily.

“Dammit! He did it again! and he took it!” He shouted. Who is that? This is the third time and I can’t seem to shake this dream he thought to himself. His mind rapidly tries to drift into his dream before the waves of his subconscious can bury them. “Ok…I’m walking along with someone. Judy?  But why? We’re both coming from some event or something” He whispered to himself. His eyes gaze lazily upon his room. The blanket of memories start to drape his vision as he reminisces. He can no longer remember but the fear remains. “It’s my heart…I don’t want to lose it…” He exclaims as he lays back down and stares at the ceiling. “What does it mean?!” he shouts as he scratches his head furiously. He inhales deeply. Exhaling a sigh of exhaustion he is finally awake. Maybe it’s nothing…he thought. “I hope so.” He whispered.

via Daily Prompt: Sacred


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