As they wrapped their presents for the day it had crossed his mind whether this really mattered to him. As the sounds of wrapping paper surrounded them it brought along many different conversations. Mostly the anticipation of their happy faces we’re on each other’s mind. What kind of expression does a person make when they receive a gift? Does it make you happy or does the idea of it do? Theses we’re all the thoughts that had crossed his mind.

“Do you think they’d appreciate everything we’re going to give? I mean it is cold I’d figure they’d want gloves… you know?”  Irma said as she cut along the lines of the wrapping paper. As Ricky taped around the edges and put bows on he muttered, “I don’t know… What’s worst is when they get upset and throw it back at your face, homeless people have a lot pride you know”. They both sat there with worried eyes yet they felt compelled to feel excitement. It was picking up outside with the winter season well into effect. As he looked outside a droplet of rain pierced the windowpane to race to the bottom. Ricky: “Was that the last one? We better get going, I don’t know if they’ll stay out when it’s raining”. Irma: “Yeah let’s go! I wouldn’t want to be out in the rain either”.

They drove around the city for about thirty minutes before seeing anyone resembling a homeless person. “How about that one??” she said.

Ricky: No…yes? I don’t know…they could be homeless or just a regular person having a bad day…”

Irma: Well that makes no sense, we can’t judge someone for being less homeless than another person, just pull over I’ll hand it to them.

He gleams back at her with a fainting smile. She was right, he thought.  We can’t help them by not helping them either and if you do offend someone well then that’s just the way the world works. He turns his signal lights on as they pull over. She scurries to find the nearest supply box, while pulling down the window. “Excuse me! Uh…yes hello, we’d like to give you this gift box just as a gesture of good will, have a merry Christmas!” She can see his cold expression fade away. The gentlemen had a thick green coat the resembled a style long ago. His untamed facial featured gave resemblance to a man in the wilderness. The grey hairs on his chin gave light to his age and with callus hands he held up a sign. It read, “Anything helps, GOD BLESS”. The day was cold but the moment was the warmest he’s had in a long time. “Oh wow…you didn’t have to but thank you, god bless. I get to unwrap something this year. You guys are awesome” He said as he took the package. She smiled tenderly at him. Ricky with a straight face forced a quick smile towards him. As she rolled up the window he geared up towards the next random destination. This went on till the day was done.

“Wasn’t that nice?” She asked him as the last package was dropped off. “Yeah…it was” He responded. “And now you’re a better person for it, you did something good for someone today” she exhaled. “I don’t know about better…but we did do something good today” he said with a sad expression. In the back of his mind he knows nothing had changed. You’re going through the motions…but you’re not connecting to them, he thought as he looked at her with worried eyes. She couldn’t notice his stare as she walked inside the house. He sighs as he looks back towards the car. The rain was coming down now and there was a somber feeling in the air. He shook the idea from his mind. You did something good and that’s good right? He asked himself as she called to him from inside the house. “Yeah…that’s good…that’s good” he whispered as he walked toward the house.


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