In my Mind

To the not so heavenly, I was struck with the idea that I may be abnormal. I was told I was weird by some and a great person by others. This idea festered in my mind until I was suddenly awaken by the thought that to them, they weren’t normal either. Who was I to judge unless I be judged.

This all happened in about 3 minutes at work. While I was thinking, I was also typing away diligently with my work and occasionally stared out the window to birds flying by. The scenery was beautiful that day. You could see the ravens hanging by the tree branches as they quietly swayed back and forth with the wind. I was struck with a sort of admiration for how peaceful it all could be. There was a bit of a dust cloud forming just above the greenhouses. In my mind, I was picturing an even greater scene. I was flying through an eternity of visions and fantasies that my mind had made up on the spot. At first I was this invincible super being and next I was a pirate at sea. To my mind I was everything but what I actually was. I’m an accountant that makes a good living.


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